Make a donation and help finance our grand piano!

We strive to become better at what we do and we always want offer you, as a visitor, the best experience with us. In the spring of 2018, we initiated a fundraising campaign to fund a Steinway grand piano for the theater. Now the piano is in place, but the campaign is ongoing and we still need your help. Through a donation to our grand piano fund, you contribute to raising the quality of our musical program and helping us secure the future of the Victoria Theater as one of Malmö's most vital and current stages.

Why a Steinway?
Steinway & Sons has over 160 years of experience in piano manufacturing and is the world's leading producer of pianos. A Steinway is the pianos' equivalent to the cars' Rolls-Royce and 19 out of 20 concert pianists prefer to play on a Steinway & Sons grand piano. A grand piano from Steinway & Sons is an investment that last for many generations to come and something that will both increase Victoria Theater's status as a stage and increase its attractiveness both to visitors and artists. The rumor spreads quickly and many musicians are looking for a stage that can offer a really good instrument of the highest class and quality.

What do I get as a sponsor, in addition to the pride of contributing and beeing a part of Victoria Theater's continued life as a stage?
As a sponsor, you become the owner of an exact copy of the key or keys that you sponsored, you get the desired engraving on a placard in the Victoria Theater's foyer, and will be listed as a piano sponsor on our website. If you are several persons who wish to join together to sponsor a key, then of course that is also an option. For larger donations, like when sponsoring an entire octave, you get, for example, as a company, the opportunity to be displayed on our website with your logo, links and more information. In addition, there are of course more gold grains and goodies – contact us to find out more.

Victoria's grand piano friends (Flygelvänner)
If you do not want or can not sponsor with a whole key, but still want to contribute you can become a "Flygelvän". "Swish" to become a friend to number: 123 374 91 73. Mention "Flygelvän: Your Name" as a message on your payment. As a grand piano friend, you not only support the investment but also the continued maintenance of the piano.

how far have we come?

Raised amount: 367 369 sek

goal: 730 000 sek

what is left? 362 631 sek

updated: 16/4, 2019
Which grand piano??
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model O,180 cm, 2013
Cost: 730 000 SEK
Incl. humidity system and transport

How do I make a donation?
The keyboard consists of 88 keys, of which 52 are white and 36 are black, divided into 7 octaves.

Sponsorship levels:
White key: 12 500 SEK
Black key: 5 000 SEK
Full octave (7 white, 5 black): 100 000 SEK

Contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +46 (0) 40-97 66 02. Give your name and phone number and tell us how many keys you want to sponsor or what amount you want to donate.

We will get backto you with more information and a reference number for your payment that is made to bankgiro: 5650-6512 (Kulturföreningen Kontrast på Victoriateatern).



Vad är picknickteater?
Victoriateatern har en intim och avslappnad atmosfär och vi uppmuntrar vår publik att känna sig som hemma.  Under våra picknickföreställningar är alla gäster välkomna att ta med sig egen mat och dryck. Det spelar ingen roll vad du tar med. Hämtpizza på ett bord följs av ostron och kaviar på nästa - ta med det du är sugen på!

Möllans Ost

Möllans Osts Victoriatallrik
En härlig tallrik där Möllans Ost väljer det bästa för dagen ur sina diskar. Här får du fyra ostar och fyra charkuterier med passande tillbehör, surdegsbröd från Sankt Jakobs stenugnsbageri, kex samt avslutningsvis en chokladbit. Ring Möllans Ost på 040-19 35 45 eller boka via webben, gärna en dag i förväg, så ordnar dem den åt dig!


Vill du ge en present för alla tillfällen och alla smaker? Hos Kulturcentralen som säljer våra biljetter kan du köpa presenkort. Ett presentkort på Kulturcentralen gäller för alla evenemang du hittar här Du kan köpa det på valfritt belopp och det gäller ett års tid från köpdatum. Presentkortet skriver du själv ut, då det skickas till dig som pdf med e-post. För ett finare presentkort gå in i butiken på Södra Förstadsgatan 18 bredvid Victoriateatern.